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The Importance of Comprehensive Yearly Eye Exams
"To see clearly, check yearly"

Eye care starts with comprehensive yearly eye examinations. A complete dilated eye examination can detect eye disease that you may not even be aware of. Eye care is an essential part of preventative health care. It is best to find the problem before you are fully affected by it. Losing our vision is one of our greatest fears, yet many of us take our eyes for granted. Too often, we see patients that have waited too long to come in, and tragically, in many cases, it can be too late to help. With eye disease, you have to catch the problem, before you lose it. Luckily, with routine examinations, we can diagnose, and treat, many eye diseases and if necessary, refer you to the best specialists in the area.

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With every comprehensive eye exam we perform at the Eye Site of Bluffton, there is no extra charge for dilation, and we will not only check your vision for needing glasses, but we will also look deeper and thoroughly check the total health of your eyes. We will check your eyes for any signs of cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, high blood pressure issues, macular degeneration, retinal detachments, and hundreds of other eye conditions. We offer retinal photography with our comprehensive exams. We highly recommend retinal photos as it can be physical documentation for the health of your eyes and offer a baseline. Retinal photography is also a great educational tool so you can see what we see when we look into your eyes.

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Your eyeglasses are perhaps one of the most practical, stylish, yet functional purchases that you will make. After all, your glasses are your "Eye-Dentity", being one of your most recognizable features when people think of your appearance. If you think about it… is there anything else that you wear every single day of the year? So make a statement while making sure you are getting the best and clearest vision possible available. We have an optical with quality, name brand frames suited for all budgets. We also have the latest and greatest technology in optical lenses. From lenses that turn from dark to light like Transitions lenses, to anti-reflective coatings like Crizal, and Polarized sunglasses, we have it all. If you need progressive, no-line multifocal lenses, we carry a wide variety of these lenses in the thinnest and lightest materials. We also carry a large line of lenses cut using the latest digital cut, free-form technology which ensures that you get a lens with the best optics and widest reading zones. We carry Shamir digital progressive lenses and blue-blocking lenses which are very helpful for computer, phone and ipad use. We offer the specialty products that you cannot get at the bargain chain optical. Customize your look and maximize your vision at The Eye Site of Bluffton.

Children's Eye Exams

The most important eye exam in your child's life is their first, and every child should have their eyes checked by an Optometrist before the age of five. Most doctors agree that your child should have a comprehensive eye exam by the age of five or before they start kindergarten. Of course, if you notice an eye turn or something drastically wrong, please bring them in sooner. Why is it so important to catch a visual problem early? Of the five senses we have, vision is the first to develop to an adult-like level, and it does so by the age of twelve. If a problem exists in one or both eyes, and it is not caught in the first twelve years of a child's life, amblyopia or "lazy eye" may develop. This may cause your child to have reduced vision in that eye for the rest of their life! After all, you want your child to succeed in school, and in life. To give them this chance, give them the clearest vision possible when it is needed the most. Make sure that their vision hasn't been overlooked. A school screening may pick up on some refractive errors, but they do nothing to assess the health of the eye. We have seen many children that have passed a school screening, yet still have a very serious visual problem. Bring them in for a proper, comprehensive dilated eye exam with an Optometrist.

Our comprehensive children's exam evaluates the following:

  • Visual Acuity
  • Eye tracking ability (reading movements)
  • Ability to use both eyes together (3D vision and depth perception)
  • Need for glasses or contacts
  • Medical eye health problems
  • Near and far focusing abilities
  • Color vision
  • Double vision
  • Inequality of the two eyes -(amblyopia, lazy eye)

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Free InfantSEE Eye Exam

Our doctors will provide a free comprehensive InfantSEE eye exam for all children ages 9 to 12 months. Watch this informative video to learn about the importance of an infant eye screening.
Children's Glasses
We have a large selection of children's frames that your child will love. Stop by today and we will help you find the right pair of glasses for your child that will not only look good, but hold up too. We can provide your child with the right type of shatter-proof, scratch resistant lenses and a durable frame with spring hinges or memory metal to help them stand up to everyday abuse.

Contact Lens Exams

You can wear contacts! Today, we can safely, and comfortably fit a contact lens on mostly anyone, from age 4 to age 104! Dry eye, bifocals, astigmatism, really difficult prescription…no problem! Often, people who've been told previously they could not wear contact lenses have been fit successfully in our offices during a contact lens exam. Why? Because our doctors specialize in difficult contact lens fits, and will take the time to get it right. We have a large stock of contact lens trials which means, in most cases, you will leave with a new pair of contacts the day of your exam! If you don't know which type or brand will work for you, don't worry. We'll even give you several free pairs to take home to try and compare, along with a free follow up visit to make sure that you are becoming adjusted to them and that you are perfectly happy with them.

We can fit you in a large number of contact lenses from our in-office trials stock, or we can special order you any type of lens that you may require.

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