Need Contact Lenses?

The Eye Site of Bluffton will place an order for you! We will take your order right over the phone by calling 843-757-9588, or click the banner below to order online.

We competitively price our contacts to meet or even beat online vendors. We do stock some contacts for sale, and we can order almost any type of contact for you. When you order from us, we will take care of you. If you are in a pinch and so happen to need a sample pair to hold you over, just ask! On some brands, we even have exclusive in-office, rebate coupons that can save you from $50 to $200 off on a year supply. Call 843-757-9588 to place your order right over the phone! We'll even ship them to you too, many times, at no extra cost!

There are new and exciting advances in contact lens technology each and every year and we carry the latest and greatest lenses available. For example, how would you like to throw away your reading glasses? You might be able to with soft bifocal contacts. Do you want to safely sleep in your contacts? You might be able to with the right lens, and we have them. If you are wondering if you could wear contacts for the first time, or if you have worn lenses in the past and are wondering if maybe you could try them again, come on in! We have the newest daily contact lenses that are great for dry eyes, allergies, and for those who want to wear a contact lens just for special occasions. We'll teach the new wearers and reintroduce the previous wearers to the more comfortable and ever more convenient ways of wearing contact lenses. Watch the video below to see how easy it can be.


bluffton contact lenses

We specialize in fitting many types of Contact Lenses, including;

  • Bifocal/Multifocal Contacts
  • Soft or Hard Contacts for Astigmatism
  • Contacts you can Sleep in
  • Monovision Contacts
  • Hard RGP Contacts
  • Keratoconus Contact Lens Fitting
  • Color/Cosmetic Contacts
  • 1-Day Contacts

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